NEP-BH Series
NEP-BH Series - Ear Bone Microphone/Headset - Vibration Mic picks up sound directly from Ear Canal. Covert, also reduces background noises.

MSRP Starting at $100.00
  • Rugged, lightweight system has unique Vibration Microphone/Speaker that fits inside user’s ear canal.
  • The Vibration Mic picks up Tx audio directly from the Ear Canal.
  • Because Mic is inside users Ear Canal it will pick up less ambient (background) noise.
  • High-quality speaker is combined with Mic assembly and fits inside users Ear Canal.  In high noise areas user can insert an Ear Plug in other ear to block out even more noise.  Because Ear Mic fits in Ear Canal user can wear hats, helmets or other head covering including protective masks.
  • Rugged, polycarbonate PTT housing allows for maximum durability.
  • A large, metal clip secures the PTT unit to the user's belts or clothing.
  • PTT includes 2.5mm jack for optional remote finger PTT.
  • Kevlar reinforced cables and robust design for maximum durability.
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Replacement Parts: PTT-1 -  PTT switch with 2.5mm plug
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Replacement Parts: PTT-1 - PTT switch with 2.5mm plug
Price: $23.00
List Price: $100.00
Radio Model [?]:
Add a REMOTE PTT switch: YES I want to add a remote PTT switch (Add $23.00) 
UPGRADE TO QD (Quick Disconnect) Version?: YES - Please upgrade this to the QD (Quck Disconnect) version (Add $30.00) 

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