ICOM- BT-510 Bluetooth Adapter for ICOM F30/40/50/M88 Multi-pin connector.

MSRP Starting at $125.00
Bluetooth Adapter (Dongle) fits older model ICOM Two Way Radios with Multi-pin connector including F40/50/60/70/80 series.

JUST UPGRADED - Now can be used with TWO PTT switches at same time!  For example you can use the PTT built into either the BTH-200 or BTH-SPM100 with either our BT-PTT or BT-PTT2 AT THE SAME TIME!  Normally you might use the wireless PTT built into the BTH-200 headset or BTH-SPM100 Speaker Mic but NOW with the UPGRADED Model you can also have either the BT-PTT or the NEW BT-PTT2 (wireless PTT switches) mounted on your handlebars or steering wheel.  OPERATE HANDSFREE FOR SAFETY!

The PRYMEBLU® Adapter allows you to use a compatible wireless Bluetooth headset or other audio accessory with your two-way radio. The PRYMEBLU® Adapter is compatible with thousands of off the shelf consumer audio accessories and pairs easily, allowing you to operate wirelessly.

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  • Compatible with thousands of readily available Bluetooth headsets and other audio accessories. (audio accessories not included)
  • Easy pairing process. Stores paired connection to the wireless headset even if the Radio is powered off or adapter is removed from the two-way radio.
  • Several Push-To-Talk options: use the PTT button on the PRYMEBLU adapter to initiate transmissions, or use an optional PRYME Wireless Bluetooth PTT switch (part number BT-PTT).
  • RX and TX audio is automatically routed to the two-way radio if the headset stops working or goes out of range (Patent Pending).
  • Works with the Icom multipin radios including: IC-F50/60, IC-F50V/60V.
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List Price: $125.00
The product is compatible with the following portable radios:

Radio Model
multipin radios including: IC-F3061T/S, IC-F30G, IC-F30GS, IC-F30GT, IC-F3161, IC-F31GS, IC-F31GT, IC-F4061T/S, IC-F40G, IC-F40GS, IC-F40GT, IC-F4161, ICF-4161, IC-F50, IC-F50V, ICF60, IC-F60V, IC-F70, IC-F80, IC-M88

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