SALE PRICE! - BT-PTT2-ZD Wireless PTT Switch for ZELLO® PTT Apps. (Android Only).  Built-in USB charging.
MSRP Starting at $75.00
Wireless PTT Switch works with all PrymeBLU adapters (and many others)

The PT-PTT2-ZD PTT allows you activate Zello's (Android only) Push-To-Talk function wirelessly. The BT-PTT2 can be held in the hand, clipped to clothing, or secured to just about anywhere! Built-in USB charging jack allows use of car chargers or any USB charger available (charger not included).
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  • Allows you to activate the ZELLO Push-to-Talk function wirelessly (Android Only).
  • Pairs quickly and easily.
  • Remembers the paired connection even the PTT is powered off.
    Automatically re-stores the wireless connection the next time the PTT is turned on!
  • Multi-function LED keeps the user updated on the BT-PTT's link and battery status.
  • Internal Li-Ion battery pack powers the BT-PTT2 for more than 12 hours on a single charge!
  • Can be held in the hand or attached to almost anything using the included strong metal clip!
  • Built-in USB charging jack allows the PTT2 to be charged from any USB charger (car, computer, cellphone, etc.).
List Price: $75.00

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