Whether on the sales floor or in the warehouse, retailers use two-way radios to keep their business running efficiently. However, two-way radios can be unwieldy and loud, making them hard to use in positions where the user also interacts regularly with members of the public. Having a good audio accessory for your radios makes sure that your employees are getting the right products and correct information into the hands of consumers.

Many positions within a retail enterprise can benefit from one of PRYME's retail oriented audio products, such as:

  • Front-end
  • Customer service
  • Supervisors
  • Management
  • Backroom / logistics
  • Event Warehouse
  • Pharmacy
  • Loss prevention / security
  • Facilities management
  • Food service

PRYME Radio Products offers retail solutions that are lightweight and cost effective. Our headsets and lapel microphones look great and won't get in the way. The single-earphone design allows the user to both hear incoming radio calls and what is going on around them, allowing them to interact with shoppers seamlessly. Plus, our products are so cost-effective that you can afford to give each employee his own accessory.