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RA-C101199-TC-EM - Acoustic Tube Replacement Kit (Twist connector) with Semi-custom Earmold.

A complete Acoustic Tube replacement kit for NEW style (TC) Twist-on connectors. Includes Ear Mold (pick size and type), Twist-on Connector, and Elbow. NOTICE: Will not fit low-cost Motorola kits such as PLMN5724A and PMLN5957A.

MSRP Starting at $14.50
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A complete Acoustic Tube replacement kit with Ear Mold instead of the usual Bud.  This model is for our NEW style (TC) Twist-on connectors.  Kit includes Clear Tube, Twist-on Connector, Elbow and Flexible Ear Mold.

Includes Medium Right Ear Mold unless specified Small or Large / Left or Right.

Great and the most economical way to repair a broken unit.

Share accessories?  Give everyone their own tube and ear-piece.

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