Surveillance Kits

SPM-3300 3-WIRE

3-Wire SPM-3300 Series - Heavy Duty 3-Wire Surveillance Kit features acoustic tube earphone with TWIST CONNECTOR, remote PTT switch and low-profile lapel microphone. Straight cable.

The SPM-3300 Series is a heavy duty 3-wire surveillance kit. The kit features a clear acoustic tube earphone with TWIST CONNECTOR for easy removal, plus a small, covert microphone which can be clipped to the user's lapel or shirt sleeve, and a separate barrel style PTT which is held in the hand.

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  • Designed for high level of covert communications.
  • Micro lapel mic can transmit under clothing.
  • Barrel PTT form fits for easy transmission.
  • TWIST CONNECT acoustic tube assembly for hygiene and multiple users
  • Reinforced earphone clip provides cable retention and eliminates strain on earphone.
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