"LOOKOUT" EH-300(SC/XC) Series - Light Duty Earphone: LISTEN ONLY earhook style earphone with coiled cable available in two different cable lengths.

The LOOKOUT by PRYME is a listen-only earphone with a soft rubber earhook that helps keep the earphone in place during normal activities. The earphone provides hours of comfort and the ability to keep incoming communications private. The LOOKOUT is available in two different cable lengths/styles. (SC = 15" coiled cable; XC = 25" coiled cable.) For use with radios, speaker mics, or audio accessories with a dedicated earphone jack.

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  • Low profile LISTEN ONLY earphone
  • Soft earhook holds earphone in place during strenuous activity and is extremely comfortable to wear.
  • High quality speaker for clear RX audio
  • Polyurethane-jacketed, coiled cable
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