GPS-511-NXQD GPS Dongle for Kenwood FleetSync™ and NEXEDGE® portable radios.
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NOW AVAILABLE-QD Version (supports wired accessories)

The GPS-511-NXQD adapter is perfect for agencies using Kenwood multi-pin radios that wish to send the radio user's geographic location data over their radio system using the FleetSync™ or NEXEDGE® protocols. The adapter attaches to the radio via the Universal Device Connector port on the side and secures with a simple thumbscrew. Once connected to the radio, the GPS receiver in the GPS-511-NXQD is powered by the radio and active whenever the radio is turned on. The GPS adapter constantly feeds the user's GPS coordinates and other data to the radio in standard NMEA format so that the information can be sent over-the-air using FleetSync™. The low profile and affordable cost of the adapter make it a smart alternative to a GPS microphone.

NOTE: NOT compatible with Pryme CheckPoint® software
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NOW with QD (Quick Disconnect) compatible with all QD accessories. 

  • Compatible with FleetSync™ and NEXEDGE® capable radios that have a multi-pin Universal Device Connector, such as the NEXEDGE® NX-200/300, Kenwood TK-5210/5230/5410, and the TK-5220/5320
  • Contains a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that can accurately measure the radio's location within 10 meters, altitude within 50 meters, velocity and heading*
  • Determins location typically in less than 30 seconds from power on (cold start) under open sky conditions
  • The adapter is pwoered directly by the radio. It requires no recharging.
  • Bright status LED indicates operation
  • Does not affect operation of the radio's internal speaker and microphone
  • NOTE: Receiving location reports over-the-air requires a properly programmed FleetSync™ or NEXEDGE® compatible radio at the base station location and a computer running GIS/CAD software (not included).

* GPS location data is acquired from government satellites. Accuracy of this data is subject to obstructions, reflections, interference, and government interventions. Users should avoid placing absolute reliance on coordinates obtained from any GPS receiving device. In practice, accuracy is variable and is affected by many environmental factors such as interference and obstructions. Altitude is especially subject to inaccuracies. Ultimately, the reliability of the data is under the control of the GPS rouce, not the GPS receive system.

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