QD™ Adapters


PA-500-M8 Quick Disconnect Adapter for MotoTRBO SL7550 series digital radios: Allows the use of a PRYME Quick Disconnect (x05) style audio accessories (except speaker mics)

PRYME Quick Disconnect adapters allow the user to easily and quickly connect and disconnect a PRYME QD style audio accessory and are secure enough to be used in most situations. All PRYME Quick Disconnect accessories are interchangeable with all PRYME Quick Disconnect Adapters and Pigtails, making communications convenient for large businesses that use multiple brand radios. The PRYME Quick Disconnect pigtails and adapters also prevent wear and tear, prolonging the life of your radios. Allows the use of a PRYME Quick Disconnect (x05) style audio accessory with MotoTRBO SL7550 portable radios (except speaker mics).

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Use with any x05 PRYME accessory including: SPM-305EB, SPM-1205, SPM-1305, SPM-1405, SPM-1505, SPM-2005, SPM-2305, SPM-3005, NBP-BH05, -HDS-EM05 and HBB-EM05.

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