PrymeBLU® Wireless adapters for Two-Way Radios (Portables and Mobile Radios)


HYTERA - BT-500-H8-V2 Wireless headset adapter for Hytera x1e/p and PD-6 series connectors.

Wireless headset adapter (dongle) with BELT CLIP or ADJUSTABLE STRAP. Fits HYTERA x1e/p and PD-6xx two-way radios and is powered by the radio so no battery or charger required.The PRYMEBLU adapter allows you to use any compatible wireless headset or other audio accessory with your two-way radio. The PRYMEBLU adapter is compatible with thousands of off-the-shelf consumer Bluetooth headsets and pairs easily, allowing you to operate wirelessly.

  BT-500-H8-V2 with Adjustable STRAP (default)
  BT-500-H8-V2 with BELT CLIP
Add a Wireless PTT Button:

This Wireless adapter uses power from the radio so there is no extra battery to charge!

  • Compatible with thousands of readily available Bluetooth headsets and other audio accessories. (audio accessories not included) or any Pryme special purpose headsets and BT speaker mics..
  • Easy pairing process. Stores paired connection to the wireless headset even if the radio is powered off or adapter is removed from the two-way radio.
  • Several push-to-talk options: use the PTT button on the PRYMEBLU adapter to initiate transmissions, or use an optional PRYME wireless PTT switch.
  • New V2 model is NOW compatible with all our LE (Low Energy) PTT buttons.

HEARING AID COMPATIBILITY: The adapter should work with hearing aids that support the Bluetooth HSP (headset) profile.  It will NOT work with "streamer" style hearings aids that use the A2DP (streaming audio) profile.  You should contact your hearing aid manufacturer to find out which profiles are supported by your device.  NOTE that some streamer hearing aids offer an optional Phone Clip addon which will allow them to work with HSP devices.  Your audiologist can tell you if such a device is available for your hearing aid.

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Pairing a Bluetooth Headset
Pairing a Bluetooth Headset
Pairing a PTT Button
Pairing a PTT Button