Optional & Spare Headsets for BTH-300 series


EH-3099sC BULLET series Clear Tube Style Earphone for BTH-300 series

EH-3099sC Clear Tube style earphone is based on the BULLET™ series and is used in Kit3 packages and has a 12" (retracted) Coil Cord, collar clip, and Clear Acoustic tube with Earbud.  Bullet style Clear Tube earphones are not quite as loud as the RECON style but they are smaller, more descrete and less prone to wax and dirt buldup. SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR USE WITH THE BTH-300 BLUETOOTH HEADSET

The EH-3099Sc is compatible with the BULLET series of Clear tube, Acoustic Earphones and features a short clear tube, elbow and comfortable earbud. Many optional earbuds, semi-custom earmolds, and noise reducing earplugs available.

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