Optional & Spare Headsets for BTH-300 series


SPM-899B HIGHWAY series Helmet Mounted Boom Mic Headset for BTH-300 series

The SPM-899B Boom Mic Headset is based on the popular HIGHWAY™ series and is used in Kit7 packages and has a 12" Cord, Flexable Boom Microphone and two removable speakers.  Kit includes Boom Mic, two Speakers and mounting tapes (velcro type) and can be mounted to most open face helmets that cover the ears. The versitile SPM-899B works not only on the BTH-300 seiers but also on the iPhone and iPad. DESIGNED FOR USE WITH THE BTH-300 BLUETOOTH HEADSET BUT ALSO WORKS ON APPLE PRODUCTS INCUDING iPHONE and iPAD.

The SPM-899B fits most Open Face style helmets as long as the sides come down to cover the ears.

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