Lapel Microphones

DEFENDER™ SPM-1200 Series

D-RING EARPIECE SPM-1200 Series - Lapel Microphone: Lapel Microphone with D-ring style earphone.

The DEFENDER is a heavy-duty lapel microphone with a D-ring style earphone. The combination microphone-PTT features a 360 degree rotating clothing clip that can be used to secure the microphone to the user's shirt.

What version do you want:
  • Rugged lapel mic with surveillance style D-Ring earphone
  • The D-Ring is a very secure yet comfortable style earpiece that provides outstanding receive audio
  • The patented swivel earpiece design allows for longer lasting strain relief
  • High-quality electret condenser mic element produces excellent transmit audio
  • Rugged, polycarbonate housing allows for maximum durability
  • A large, metal clip secures the mic/PTT element to the user's lapel or collar
  • Conveniently located PTT button for easy use
  • Features Dual Switch Technology (DST) for maximum PTT durability
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