PrymeBLU® Wireless adapters for Two-Way Radios (Portables and Mobile Radios)


VERTEX / Yaesu - BT-502 Wireless Headset Adapter (with Belt Clip) for Vertex / Yaesu one-pin radios

Wireless Headset Adapter (Dongle) fits most Vertex and Yaesu one-pin radios. The PRYMEBLU Adapter allows you to use any compatible wireless headset or other audio accessory with your two-way radio (headset not included). The PRYMEBLU Adapter is compatible with thousands of off the shelf consumer audio accessories and pairs easily, allowing you to operate wirelessly.


  • Compatible with thousands of readily available Wireless headsets and other audio accessories. (audio accessories not included)
  • Easy pairing process. Stores paired connection to the wireless headset even if the Radio is powered off or adapter is removed from the two-way radio.
  • Several Push-To-Talk options: use the PTT button on the PRYMEBLU adapter to initiate transmissions, or use an optional PRYME wireless BT-PTT. (Optional accessories not included.)
  • Includes battery and battery charger.


Qualified v2.0+EDR Chip set
Chip Audio Line Input : 350mV rms (max.)
Audio Output : 20 mV rms
Transmitted Power : 1 dBm (typ.)
Receiver Sensitivity : -82 dBm (typ.)
PTT function built-in
Power class 2,10 meters
Display : Two Color LED
Protocol Support HSP, HFP.
DC Input : 5 Vdc (std.)
DC Current : 18 mA (avg.)
DC Current : 50 mA (transient)
Built-in Battery : 330mAh
Talk Time : 14 Hours


  • BTH-700/800/900-MAX
    NEW MAX series Wireless Ear Muffs - Rugged Over-the-head headset with noise-cancelling boom mic and padded speaker. Includes USB charging cable and wall changer.
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