For Mobile Radios


HLP-SNL Series - Lightweight Padded Headset: Rugged Over-the-head headset FOR MOBILE RADIOS with noise-cancelling boom mic and padded speaker.

The HLP-MOBILE RADIO series is a Over-the Head style Padded Headset with Noise Reducing Flex Boom Microphone. This new headset is Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. The high quality metal spring headband is covered by Replaceable Padding for maximum comfort. The special high-impedance speaker delivers superb audio and features a Leatherette Ear Pad the can be easily replaced if damaged or worn. There are also optional, easy to install, Cloth Covers great for hygiene or sharing of the headset. The HLP-MOBILE RADIO series is recommended for users who prefer an Over-the-Head style headset such as Dispatchers, Retail /Restaurant Operations, Movie/TV Sets, Hospitality, Entertainment and Industrial users. VERSIONS OF THE HLP SERIES FOR PORTABLE RADIOS CAN BE FOUND IN THE HEADSETS SECTION OF OUR WEBSITE.

  YES ADD the PTT-FS1 Footswitch with 3.5mm plug for all HLP Mobile Radio headsets. (Add $18.00)
  • Motorola versions include inline amplifer with volume control.
  • Lightweight Over-the-Head headset
  • Padded, adjustable metal headband (and the Padding is replaceable)
  • Adjustable padded T-Bar (stabilizes non-speaker side against users head)
  • Adjustable speaker housing assembly (for large or small heads)
  • Replaceable Leatherette speaker cushion
  • Flexible metal boom microphone with replaceable windsock.
  • Boom rotates to allow use on either ear.
  • Noise reducing condenser microphone element.
  • Rugged in-line PTT switch with Heavy Duty Rotating Clip.
  • Reinforced strain reliefs at all cable attachment points.
  • Connectors available for ICOM, Kenwood, Motorola and Vertex Mobile Radios.
  • OPTIONAL Foot Switch (PTT-FS1)
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