SNAP Series


SNAP Series 1 WIRE BRAIDED FIBER Surveillance Kit, Lapel Mic Style (1-wire) with noise-reducing mic element.

BRAIDED FIBER 1-WIRE Cable with SNAP connector, allowing a choice of 5 different earpieces. Unlike other brands, we make this Braided Fiber cable in OUR OWN FACTORY. Our new Braided Fiber cable is so good that it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If the cable ever breaks or fails from normal use, we will replace the entire headset for FREE! The SNP-1W features a lapel-style microphone with a stealth clothing clip that can be clipped to shirt or uniform, wherever most convenient. The rugged 2-pin SNAP connector lets you easily attach one of 5 different earpieces so is great for sharing, replacing or changing from one style earpiece to another. Extremely versatile! DON'T FORGET TO PICK AN EARPIECE FROM THE DROP-DOWN LIST (Unless you already have a SNP Earpiece)

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  • Custom made Braided Fiber cable is soft, comfortable and resists tangling
  • 2-pin SNAP connector lets you change earpieces easily yet is extremely secure and rugged
  • This is an extremely rugged single wire cable for lapel and Surveillance use (for 2-wire, please consider the SNP-2W series)
  • Newly designed mic housing uses high quality transmit capability
  • Thick, Braided Fiber radio cable with metal clamp retention eliminates strain on the wires inside the cable
  • 360 degree rotating clip on PTT/mic housing attaches to lapel, coat, uniform, as required by user
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